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Dr. Judith Platania

Dr. Judith Platania

I earned my Ph.D. in Applied Psychology from Florida International University in 1995. I am a Professor of Psychology at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI.

My research centers on the interaction of psychology and law within the context of the capital trial. My published work is most often the result of collaborative efforts of colleagues and students. Some examples of my published research with graduates of Roger Williams University’s M.A. in Forensic Psychology includes: Evaluating evidence of childhood abuse as a function of expert testimony, judge’s instructions, and sentence recommendation with Fotine Konstantopoulou (class of 2013), which appears in the journal of Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice; Evaluating future dangerousness and need for treatment; The role of expert testimony, attributional comlexity, and victim type with Kyle Gamache (class of 2009) and Matt Zaitchik, which appears in the Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology; Understanding perceptions of hypnotically recovered memories in a civil sexual abuse case with Samantha Fusco (class of 2009) which appears in the Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice; Instructions as a safeguard against prosecutorial misconduct with Rachel Small (class of 2011) appearing the journal of Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice; and Influence of confidence inflation and explanation for changes in confidence on evaluations of eyewitness identification accuracy with Melissa Paiva and Ryan Weipert (class of 2009). This study was co-authored with Dr. Garrett L. Berman and Dr. Brian L. Cutler and appears in the journal of Legal and Criminological Psychology.

My research program focuses on legal and extra-legal factors jurors consider during the sentencing phase of capital trials. This includes my primary area of interest – prosecutorial misconduct during closing argument as well as juror use of judge’s instructions when deliberating non-statutory mitigating circumstances. I have given invited presentations on these topics in both the academic and legal settings.

I have been an active member of the American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS) for twenty years. I frequently serve as an expert panel reviewer of AP-LS conference submissions in the area of jury decision-making.

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